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i thought it wasver here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... somemes it just takes us a little longer to get back ♪ >> they took a saturday urn 5
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rocket and tipped it upside down at the blast off. probably 100 foot flame length. >>reporter: san bruno fire. disaster so big even commercial airline pilots were calling it in. >> sounded kind of like a jet engine. high pitch screaming sound. >>reporter: firefighters reflects on the san bruno disaster. good evening. i'm dan. more than 200 emergency personnel rushed to the neighborhood last thursday. many off duty and without knowing what they were rushing into. tonight the incredible story from abc 7. >> we looked out the back door and could see a fire ball. >>reporter: the fire ball was just the beginning. >> initially we are thinking that jet airplane went down from san francisco airport. >> i personally was thinking it might be a terrorist thing. >> it appears we have a plane down there in the neighborhood. >>reporter: it would be more than 20 minute before these first responders realize it wasn't an airplane crash. >> this thing was blowing out like you wouldn't believe. i
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would say probably 100 foot flame length. >>reporter: resident some with burns all over their body ran into the street. but the crews were so overwhelmed they couldn't help many of them. sergeant mike golden remembers one badly burned man. >> one particular gentlemen offered his assistance advising he was a doctor. another a pamedic. i gladly handed that gentlemen over to them to their care so i could provide assistance and help to evacuate other citizen ins the area. >> what we did was ask the citizens to drive people with second degree burns on their arms and face to the hospital. >>reporter: firefighters and police officers race to the heat but they were stopped in their track. >> we could only go so far because the wall of fire was just incredibly intensely hot. >>reporter: so hot it crack the windshield of this fire truck one of the first on the scene. chaos was unlike anything these veteran firefighters had ever seen. >> we went down glen view and began clearing the block going
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door to door to make sure nobody was trapped in the houses. >> then there was a terrifying discovery. >> we have no water at the hydrant. >>reporter: blast so strong it destroyed the main water line in the area. leaving firefighters momentarily stranded. >> it is a sinking feeling to say the least because you count on the water being there and if there was ever a time you needed it, it was there. >>reporter: crew manage to pull more than 3000 feet of hose toward the blast s close a there were citizens helping us drag fire hose and it was all hand on deck. >>reporter: it was all hands on deck until these first responders finally called it a day at 9:00 o'clock the following morning. for this san bruno native leaving the scene was almost as difficult as watching his neighbors and friend lose their homes and their lives. >> probably one of the hardest things i had to do. this is like my family. >>reporter: those first crew were so overwhelmed when they got here to this scene that they said they thought the whole neighborhood would be
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destroyed and there would be so many more lives lost looking back they say what saved them was the team effort that so many agency from around the county were among the first rae responders here and they were all able to work well together to communicate properly during the first few critical hours. in san bruno, bruno, abc 7 news. the. >> and tonight the coroner has confirmed identity of the fourth victim of the fire. 81-year-old elizabeth torrez died trying to escape her home open clairemont drive just yards from where the pipeline exploded. two her daughter and son inlaw were critically burned in the blast. today we wept through some new radio transmissions from the san bruno catastrophe. as we told you last tonight here the first responders thought a plane had crashed. tonight it is clear that commercial pilots had a better vantage point. >> 911 caller. off duty advising in that area this plane crashed into some house and house and hill on fire
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now. >> call for false alarm to this. it appears we have a plane down there in the neighborhood. multiple structure on fire and we have a fire ball still come out. >>reporter: pilot taking off and landing at san francisco international airport knew right away it was not a plane crash. >> i'm sure it must be a gas line or something. smoke all the way up to 8500. >> looks like it leveled the whole block. >> ruptured gas main. hawj ball of fire there. probably engulf the whole almost paparrazi half city block or so. >>reporter: commercial payment flying over san bruno last thursday. meantime questions are being raised as to whether pg&e customers might end up having to pay for some of the damage of the san bruno fire. came up during a hearing on proposal heard by the state public utilities commission today. what is going on? here's david.
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>> pg&e joining 2 southern california utilities and asking state regulators for help in paying for daniel caused by wildfires. they want the customers known as rate payers to pick up the tab when repair exceed insurance coverage. wildfires in 2007 in san diego county exceeded 1.1 billion dollars covered by insurance. >> what they are asking rate payer be essentially a gigantic insurance company for all the timents and down the state. >>reporter: although the proposal has been in the work for a year suspicion was raised at preliminary hearing today that pg&e might use this plan to pay for the san bruno explosion and fire. pg&e attorney made a strong denial. >> about that would not be considered in wildfire and would not be covered in the proceeding. >>reporter: however an attorney for the consumer advocate group turn remains skeptical. >> they haven't stated on the record what is the definition of wildfire that the insurance policy actually cover. >> reporter: fact finding and public testimony are set for
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early next year. one issue already identified by a state p uc attorney is whether utilities take safety shortcut knowing consumers will cover the bill. >> such a mechanism could be to sort of a perfect versus incentive whereby the utility would have back stop coverage by rate payers and could then potentially not comply with safety rules that would be more expensive than accessing this type of account. >>reporter: it is interesting to note the state budget impact on this case. state p uc would like to take up this matter before the end of the year but without a budget can't hire the outside consultant it need to handle this case. this is 7 money scope. >> we have more on the san bruno fire a little later. for now we want to turn to sarah shore one of 3 hikers held in iran. tonight she ace free woman. sarah boarded a jet in tehran and flown where
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reunited with her very relieved mother. lauren reports from the uc berkeley campus where sarah and 2 fellow prisoners were once students. >>reporter: after 4 10 days in captivity sarah shore walked off a private jet and into the arms of her mother. earlier shore was released from prison in tehran where she fiance shane and their friend josh had been held since their arrest along the iraq iran border last year. >> i want to really offer my thanks to everyone in the worl world, all of the government, government, all of the people that have been involved and especially in particularly want to address the president and all the iran officials and religious leaders and thank them for this humanitarian gesture. i'm grateful and very humbled by this. >>reporter: shore was free on 500,000 dollar bail. her family has said she has been depressed and found a lump in her breast. amy a friend of all 3 hikers. >> i'm so, so happy that sarah
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is going to be come home and will get the medical attention that she deserves. she has suffered so much and for those of us here in the bay area we are really happy that she finally is going to come among people who love her. >>reporter: in a statement the the mom said i urgently appeal to iran not to grant the family the same joy and relief that i now have. in knowing sarah is finally free. university of san francisco professor steven met iran president at the united nations three years ago. >> we really need to keep pressing the need to release the remaining hikers. in fact the very fact that she was released even with her medical situation i think just underscores how shallow and ludicrous the charges are. >>reporter: i talked with u.s. state department spokesman vasquez this afternoon. he said the bail paid for shore release did not come from the u.s. government and does not in any way
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guarantee that shore will return to iran for a trial. in the mean time, iran pros cawtors maintain they will go ahead with an aspy trial of both the boys as well as sarah shore quote in ab essential a. in berkeley, this is abc 7 news. >> we are just getting started this tuesday night. as we continue not fit to fly. delta pilot arrested right in the cockpit. first chances to follow-up on marin county tazer incident. why the politician who authorized them duck our questions today. >> tear figure moment during an air show whenodhsuñ glider ss nose first into the runway. he's okay. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast system and more warming headed our way and some rain. details in the accu-weather 7 day forecast come up. >>reporter: also here tonight. occupation hazard fits like a glove. turns that a hazard foryççñóçi)ññ
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[ female announcer ] we know jey brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improvechools. but the drop out rate inreased 50%, and the state had to take over the schls. fac the city controller found employees paid or 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crim but murders doubl, making oakland the 4thmos.
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jerry brown. he st can't deliver the results california needs now.
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?o?oxw?w?oó can't deliver the results jo tazing of marin county man in his own home by police continues to draw scrutiny tonight. now a marin county supervisor want training and procedure reviewed. you remember this video we showed
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you last month. the deputy tazed a man as he stood up in hair in his house. he's now suing. vick lee tonight with the follow-up report. >> stop resisting. stay down. stop resisting. >> obviously this event here is causing further review. >>reporter: marin county supervisor steve represents the district where peter mcfar land lives. he's the 64-year-old man who was tazed in his own home by a sheriff's deputy in june of last year. >> any video that shows that kind of painful experience is a troubling video. >>reporter: today was the first supervisor meeting since we first aired the controversial tazing incident late last month. mcfar land is now suing marin county and the 2 deputy who wept to his home. the tazing occurred just after paramedic treated him after he fell down the steps to his house. he admits he was drinking. but the deputy wanted to take him to the hospital thinking he was suicidal. because he made a
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crack about being in so much pain he wanted to kill himself. mcfar land refuses the deputy's command while tazer is pointed at his chest. >> hand behind your back. >>reporter: once he gets up he's tazed. not once. but three times. >> quit resisting. stop resisting. stop resisting. the stop resisting. stop resisting. about stop. stop resisting. >>reporter: the incident report says when the subject charged towards deputy the ecd or tazer was discharged. video received more than 12,000 hits on you tube. and many angry responses. the sheriff can't talk about it because of the pending lawsuit. so we asked the supervisors to the respond. they allocated 166,000 dollars two years ago to buy tazer for the department. some supervisors like charles voiced concerns at the time. >> my concern was that there may be a phenomenon of using
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them too quickly or too easily. >>reporter: but not all supervisors wanted to respond saying it was now a legal matter. >> board of supervisors can't make any comment on it. >>reporter: certainly you are an elected representative and constituent would probably expect you to make a comment regarding something so controversial. >> we'll be investigating and finding out the focus. >>reporter: did you have any reservation at the time tasers were purchased. >> that's all i'm saying. >>reporter: period. after mcfar land was tazed he was jailed and backed for resisting arrest. judge later dismissed that charge. mcfar land filed his lawsuit last monday. this is 7 news. delta pilot has been arrested as he was about to fly from amsterdam to newark because he was drunk. after receiving an anonymous tip police picked him up in the cockpit. his breath test registered a blood alcohol content officer.23 just above the limit in the netherlands.
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delta flight 35 was cancelled. passengers put on other flights. well houston we have a problem. it is with the gloves that the astronauts wear. the design is causing astronauts to lose the finger nail. according to the national geographic astronauts with wider hands more likely to have the nail fall off after working in the space suit gloves. in fact mit researchers say fingernail trauma and other hand injuries no. 1 nuisance for space walkers. so nasa is trying to improve the glove design. for now the only solution are to use protective dressings to keep nails trimmed or extreme preventive steps. researchers nou know some astronauts who rae move the financing nails prior to the space walk. that is extreme. one more note about flying. incredibly close call for stunt pilot in england. watch what happened here. this is the moment when mike slammed into the runway in front of 15,000 horrified fans
9:18 pm
in england. his glider is practically vertical as you can see. cockpit just crumbled. but about was able to crawl out. he suffered 3 broken vertebra. doctors say he should make complete recovery. new man was the champion in 2009. this incident happened last month. pictures are just now being released. incredible. but he's okay. >> that is scary. can you immanuel. >> let's bring you back here. talk about weather. spencer is here. we have some spots. >> conditions are warming up rate now but a little bit of a rain fall headed our way that may be here by the weekend. >> enjoy the warmth then umbrella now here's looking down towards san francisco. captain see much of the city right now as view obscured by the advancing low clouds and fog and pushing inland from the coast as they tend to do this time of year and this time of the evening. current temperature readings right around the bay along the coast and up in the north bay
9:19 pm
readings in the 50's and east bay south bay in the 60's so range now from mid 50's to about mid 60's. pretty wide rapping. mailed around the bay next two days. clouds increase on friday. chance of rain coming our way over the weekend. here's the satellite image showing ridge of high pressure in control of our weather right now. small ridge but important one because it is going to keep us mainly sunny and mild and dry for the next two days at least. this storm system dropping down out of the gulf of alaska moving generally in our direction. clouds will thicken on friday and system gets closer. moving rather slowly at the moment. animate the map and all the time here you can see we get that wednesday and thursday this system seems to stall and friday picks up more momentum moving in our direction and clouds on friday and perhaps a little bit of rain from this on saturday. overnight saturday into sunday see the system weaken and still produce more rain fall here and wet weather willow occur
9:20 pm
as the system pushes through the bay area. tonight no wet weather. have low clouds and fog and low temperature mainly in the 50's although clover dale will drop early morning hours to 49 degrees. then tomorrow we expect nice sunny milder day for most of the bay area. south bay look for high in the mid to upper 70's. 76 san jose. 77 in kendall. low 70's on the peninsula and then upper 50's to just above 60 on the coast. half mp bay should top out at 61 degrees tomorrow. downtown san francisco 64. 60 degrees in sunset district. is in and warm in the north bay. most anyhow. 77 in sonoma. 80 calistoga. 85 in clover dale and 88 in ukiah. high upper 60's and inland valley east bay will see aye 85 in antioch and then monterey bay lack for 73 at santa cruz. low 80's inland. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. 2 more days of warming then on
9:21 pm
friday cool down a bit and saturday and sunday consolidate days inland with high in the mid 70's and of course we have the chance of rain on saturday into early sunday. clear out dry up and warm-up again early next week. just a little blip there on the radar. might get some rain. >> temperatures definitely inching down a little bit as we get closer to the fall. >> looks that way. >> still pichlt thanks. >> just ahead here. finder keeper fight over bay area dog missing for seven years is finally settled for good. we show you how that turned out. >> result of a clip on video experiment among the officers experiment among the officers on the oakland i wantou to >>
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>> police in oakland are one step closer to wearing clip on videocameras on their uniforms. late today the police chief recommended the units to the city council public safety committee. story now from lee ann. >> over the summer the small recording device were his tested by officers in oakland. they crust clip on of slide open and they begin recording. oakland police chief believes the cameras will improve officer safety. >> not only police safety but also citizen interaction. way for me to machinetor our customer service. how we interact with our public and mack sure we are giving the best service. >> you lake them so far. >> dynamite. >>reporter: each has internal hard drive and at the end of the day the video is down loaded to a server. camera will replace the ones mounted on police cars. chief says they have had little success. oakland council member says the camera are a win-win for the city. >> little units that take care of like under few hundred dollars whereas the car camera system and the back up and the
9:26 pm
memory and up linking it to the computer every night was several thousand dollars per car. it wasn't as comprehensive. >> council will get federal funding to help pay for the new camera. this is one issue that has people talking about the pros and cons of using such a device. >> one of the things that can keep police a little bit more under control. >> perhaps there's some privacy issue or i don't know. just any sort of bystander being exposed on camera. and recorded. >>reporter: oakland attorney john burris sued the oakland police department over cases involving police brutality. he likes the cameras but wonders if they will be effective. >> issue of camera of course is when do they get turned on. and whether controls when they are on and not on. >>reporter: the police department says all officers will be properly trained to make sure the devices are recording. after tonight the
9:27 pm
public safety committee is expected to hand it over to the full council. vote on the camera is expected at the end of the month. in oakland, this is abc 7 news. when we continues here at 9:00 the tea party chalks up another victory. latest on the senate primaries. >> san bruno fire victims. they are being allowed back in but some are deciding not to go home. >> and san francisco woman gets her dog back years after reporting it stolen. you will see the court ordered reunion. heavy duty uck, have somheavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and toue to get out just about any situation. a payload th beats the other guys flat out. a framsturdy enough and a braking system tough ough to bring it all to a stop. heavy dutyemands?
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>> once again we have half hour of politic and another big nature for the tea party. in new york tea party supported candidate karl paladino has beaten republican establishment candidate lazio to win the nomination for governor. tea party back candidate also pulled off big upset tonight in delaware. here's john henry. >>reporter: tea party party extra hard in delaware. the the. >> no more politics as usual. >>reporter: where outsider christine defeated long time congressman castle. he hadn't had a hotly contested primary since the bush administration. >> would i like to thank the republican party for the support. >>reporter: party support wasn't enough. he ran for senate and lost twice before this time benefited from an anti-establishment move. >> it is a terrible time to be part of the status quo. >>reporter: she had a secret weapon. >> this is governor sarah palin. >>reporter: vote for christine o'donnell for u.s. senate. >>reporter: republican establishment warned voters if they picked her they would
9:32 pm
lose to the democrat in in. voters weren't listening. >> normally being backed by the party apparatus is a good thing. this year that has actually a stamp that candidates are trying to run away from. >>reporter: this is abc news washington. many this has been a this is our community. >> also tonight. voters in new york gave wrangle another chance. the 40 year house veteran facing more than a dozen ethic charges including failure to report and pay taxes. fellow democrat even president obama had your honored representative wrangle to step aside. >> and despite animosity in the past former president bill children at any today endorsed democrat jerry brown in the california governor race. clinton said they put the difference behind them years ago. mr. clinton is feature entered a whitman commercial you may have seen blasting brown for raising taxes while governor in the 1970's. the
9:33 pm
comment were based on cnn report that turned out to be inaccurate. the. >> senator feinstein and boxer today called on small business administration to declare san bruno disaster area. that would make both businesses and homeowners eligible for low interest loans. the fair zone continue the painful process of deal with their loss and try to figure out what is going to come next. some are moving back in a neighborhood devastated by last thursday explosion and fire. others as you can understand are reluctant. heather explains why. >> the clairemont house here missed total destruction by a matter of feet. it has been upgrade from a red to yellow tag meaning he may repair the existing structure if he wants to. >> i don't want to move back here. i'm afraid to move back here. afraid to have my kid playing at the park again. my god are you kidding me. >> he can walk up to within feet of the front door but not allowed to go in or get any of the 3 cars. his insurance
9:34 pm
company will pay the represent on 4 bedroom belmont house for at least 6 months. pieces that should be plenty of time for him to figure out what he needs from pg&e to make him whole again as they have been promising. >> i started to realize the question what do i need is really the question how cap we compensate you for blowing up your neighborhood and destroying properties and killing your neighbors and ruining your life pretty substantially. >>reporter: audrey came back to her green tag glen view home sunday. her front door was kicked in by firefighters thursday night. she has window cracked from the heat. plastic pot and patio upholstery melted but she is not afriday to stay here. >> it could happen anywhere. it could happen to anyone. at any time. it could be their city. it could be their street. and maybe i'm a fatalist or something. i believe it is something will happen, something is going to happen. >>reporter: those whose homes were leveled are waiting for the city to let them go in and
9:35 pm
sift through the rubble. >> we will try and find any little momento we can find that i don't think 30's much but any momento we can find that just cling on to. to most people it would be junk to us it is treasure. >>reporter: fire chief couldn't confirm which addresses or how many families would be let in this evening. governor schwarzenegger will be coming hear to the fire zone in san bruno tomorrow. he's returning from a trip to asia where he says he has been in constant contact with lieutenant governor muldenado. in san bruno, abc 7 news. national transportation safety board safety board men time says they received 90 e-mails from residents so far claiming a that they smelled gas in the day and weak leading up to the pipeline explosion but only one person says he called pg&e to report it and utility sent a worker to check it out. ntsb says information on the smell can go a long way in helping
9:36 pm
figure out exactly what went wrong here. >> if it failed catastrophically that means, that means it is unlikely there would be a gas smechlt if it smelled with leak with gas meeting air and spark then there would be smell of gas. >>reporter: investigators finish collecting evidence from ground zero today and now focused on interviewing witnesses. all right let's move on. we are all told that corn syrup is bad for the waist line but is it getting a bad wrap. >> i was confused about everything about the corn syrup. >> the industry tries to reinvent itself. >> all over. >> kids surrounded by rust. the you fix it report on bay area playground that has seen area playground that has seen better
9:37 pm
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i want to see the words "made america" again. >> after much debate about the health effects many could consumers believe corn syrup may not be the best. but now the the marketers say this sugar is sugar. both body can't tell the difference. >> the the industry is asking the fda to name it as corn sugar and the industry is already using it in ads like the one you you are watching here. what may seem like a silly marketing ploy has worked in the past. you probably have some canolli a oil in the cabinet at home. it used to be called rape seed oil and they didn't sell much and changed it to canolli
9:41 pm
a.from prune to dried plum. what is in a name. >> san jose city council is recommending that a proposed high speed rail crossing through downtown be put above ground. voted 9-two in favor of the plan with stipulation that they have some control over its design. in someplac someplaces the track will be 90 feet in the air and take between 3 to 5 years to build and is expected to cost half billion dollars. underground prosecute postal would have cost 5 times that much t. >> port of richmond celebrating the return of american honda motor company. last october honda broke ground on site to import cars from japan at the port. project is expected to create at least 200 jobs. and pro jeblingted to bring in 85 million dollars in new revenue to the city. for shipment of cars arrives in april. officials with honda and the city of richmond will highlight the port of entry project today which is designed to generate 85
9:42 pm
million dollars to the local economy over the next 15 year years. in santa clara tonight there is a playground in desperate need of repair. equipment is literally rusting away. so what is the solution? send your video to you report powered by you tube. here's dan with tonight's you fix it report. >>reporter: playground at fair way glen park in santa clara is popular with neighborhood kid. and students from the nearby elementary school. >> kid really love it. they call it the bird came. >>reporter: but she says the bars that give the playground its nickname the bird came are covered in rust. >> this is our 30-year-old playground that you can see is all rusted. >>reporter: she sent thus video from the cell phone. >> kid play with the peeling rust. >>reporter: she said it has gotten so bad she doesn't want to wring her 2 grandchildren here to play any more. >> all over. from the top to the bottom. anything orange that you see is not orange
9:43 pm
paint. it is already rusting. >>reporter: she asked us to help her get it fixed. >> it has been here for a listening tame. i think it is about time we do get it fixed up for the kid. >> the it is facility built in 1981. >>reporter: jim is head of park and recreation in santa clara and went tout take a look at the playground after we called. one problem that he says needs fixing immediately is the sand. >> sand under the equipment there are some exposed edges and things and some compaction of the sand and those are things that we want to mitigate. >>reporter: he says he will send a maintain crew out to till the sand next week and will make sure the rust gets taken care of before the rainy season starts in november. >> brush that go down. removing the rust. treating the metal and then putting a layer of paint over that. >>reporter: she says it's about time that the play ground got the same level of care and attention as the park lawn. >> grounds is fine. grass is mowed. water. except the play structure where you would
9:44 pm
consider it to be the most important because item for the kid. >>reporter: the city wants to replace the entire playground and build a restroom at the park. what they are looking for grant to cover the 700,000 dollar price tag. from the i team dan abc 7 news. and do let us know if you want something looked at in your neighbor. see what we can get done 4. >> judge ruled today san francisco woman can get her dog back after all. dog has been missing for seven years. mary was reunited with her dog named little girl in san mateo tonight. just last month man who says he found also girl in july brought her into a clinic in san mateo. that's when a micro chip revealed who the real owner was. this woman. but the clinic gave the dog back to the man because he had had her for more than 30 days. >> we love this dog. i still feel lake it's my dog. film just want the dog to be happy. she's been a stray for seven years. >> she's a wonderful animal and i know we are going to
9:45 pm
have a great time celebrating tonight. >>reporter: and they are back together tonight. humane society says the 30 day rule is just a general rule of thumb that they use for dogs that are abandoned. all right. come up next. the goal keeper. internet sensation because he broke the cardinal rule of his position. stop the ball then celebrate. stop the ball then celebrate. back i want you to >> [ woman on tv ] if you won't let min, you can't really lovee.
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>> julia grau to category 1 hurricane today. >> we get some rae marketable view from above. 2 hurricane, hurricane julia and
9:49 pm
egor are churning across the atlantic. another in the far not saying el hurricane this season has made land fall in the united states but we really entering the peak of hurricane season. spencer has more images from nasa. go back to him to talk about that and update our forecast. really that's a pretty big storm. >> it's massive storm. massive storm. give you a look in just a moment. start by giving awe time lapse view from the high definition sutro camera this afternoon looking down on san francisco with our finger of fog more than just a finger as it deepen and deepen and of course that's pushing inland rate now. but let me give you a look at the tropical atlantic. 3 tropical cyclone very significant storms going away. karl which is manufacturing through the caribbean here an hurricane julia and egor. egor is the one everyone is talking about. category 4 hurricane already. maximum sustained winds 145 miles per hour. it could conceivably become a category 5 which is the most powerful. here's close-up high resolution and lack at the well defined eye of that
9:50 pm
hurricane. just massive. extremely powerful. potentially very, very dangerous and at the moment far away from any lapped years but could pose a threat to ber mud as it turns up in the north atlantic so we will keep following its progress. lack at lovely weather in the bay area. accu-weather 7 day forecast. 2 more days of pleasant warm weather inland high mid 80's. mid 70's around the bay. 60's on the coast then we cool down a little bit on friday and further cooling occur over the wean as clouds come in and chance of rain saturday into sunday. inland high over the weekend will be only in the mid 70's so a little bit cooler than normal for this time of the year. bounce back next week. >> thanks. watch the storms pretty impressive. >> okay. timing is everything. now to a story about knowing when to celebrate. last week quarter final for the soccer cup penalty somewhat out decided the winner. gel keeper thought he came up with a big stochlt he immediately began to celebrate the triumph. what he didn't see the ball had a wicked spin bounced back in the goal after the initial
9:51 pm
block. watch it. there it goes. crossing the line. after some confusion the refuse rae awarded the goal. goal keeper team lost the shoot out 7-6. the old expression about. that don't count your chicken before they are hatched. >> that's agonizing as the jaints game tonight actually. sportscaster is that what i see is that what i am sensing there. >> not me larry. >> it is management. see fit is possible. almost impossible to win a game when you get one hit but it happened tonight. to the giants. they made just one mistake. this is it turns out to be fatal in the
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
introducing the samsung fascinate pored by verizon. super amoled screen. six-is 3d gaming d access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin pacge. you want i we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verin. but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax rerd was "just plain wro." jerry brown went out ther and took credit for the fact that the people ocalifornia voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, whi he opposed. and now he'going around taking credit for it. he raisetaxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he tk office and a deficit whehe left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
9:54 pm
yççñóçi)ññt whehe left. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. accident that has changed the life of a promising bay area jockey and his young family. we have the fifth. if fielding cleanly can't make the exchange. safe safe safe. johnson scores. tv lone run
9:55 pm
of the gain. donors just one hit all night. barry you know how frustrated he had to be. can't believe it. the win complete game 4 hitter strikes out huff to end it 1xd nothing donors. giants fall game and a half back of san diego in the west. because of what happened here. former a miguel and padres beat colorado second straight night. cunningham scores 1 nothing san diego for zip pad in the fourth another formerp athletic. gonzalez. 104 on the year. cuts the lead in half. rockies coming back. whole highlight as former a player. mat pinch hit 2 run homer to center and padres 7-6 win in the rockies. giants game and a half back in the division and wild card. how about the a's since we are talking about former a. ellis in kansas city tonight. bases loaded. one out. come back to zack. double play ball.
9:56 pm
now tequila. here it comes there it goes. freeze hawaii so i should say aloha off gonzalez. 3 zip royals. 3 in the first 3 in the second 5 more in the third. mike avila second homer in as many days. not done scoring. hang a breaking ball to wolf. off the foul ball. made it 11 nothing royals at that point. 11-3 kc the final. >> first time ever a player has given back his heismann trophy. bush returned the award today. bush at the center of the ncaa investigation into improper benefit at usc. trojan already on probation for the ncaa can't do much to penalize bush he's a pro. bush said he didn't want to taint the dignity of the heismann. gave it up. usc returned their cope of the heismann. not sure if they will hand over the trophy to texas. came in second in the
9:57 pm
balloting the year bush won back in 2005. rare friday nature game for the cal football team this week. in reno. play in nevada. espn 2 telecast. back in the national ranking. no. 24. they won blow out fashion with victory over davis and colorado. combine score in the games. 104 to continue. cal rank first in the nation in defensive yard. allowed 160 per game. they have the pistol offense. pistol firing on all -- i don't know how many cylinder a pistol has. you know what i mean. 600 yards per game up here. >> offense is very potent. led the country in rushing last year. 3000 yard rusher. very, very good at what they do. they can explode on offense very quickly. >> equal time for stanford rank 19 in both maiming the pull. stanford lop side win
9:58 pm
over sacramento state and cardinal lost in the final second at wake last year. they expect this game is a lot closer than the first 2 contest of the season. >> huge challenge. the week one we saw spread throwing team. week 2 pistol offend. this week true triple option spread passing game. that is expert in what they do. >> so chance for both bay area college teams pac-10 teams to go 3 and o. offsetting the early start to the 49 ers and the raiders. >> that was a tough week. >> sun was bad is that thanks very much larry. >> that is this edition of 7 news at 9:00 for all of us here, thank you for watching. we appreciate your time as always and hope to see you again here in one hour on
9:59 pm

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